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Gartner Group projects that by 2005 outsourcing will represent 59% of IT services.

Wide Area Network: (WAN) A data communications network that is not confined to a limited geographic area, used to connect computers and peripherals such as printers and allowing users to share resources. The area served is generally more geographically dispersed than a LAN and can span the distance between buildings, cities and even countries. WANs connect LANs together using common carrier circuits and typically use technologies such as ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network), Frame Relay or other high speed services.

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  • Reliable High-Speed Connectivity
  • WAN Monitoring
  • WAN Monitoring and Management
  • Managed Internet Access
  • Consulting
  • Design
  • Implementation

  • Proactive management
  • One point of contact, accountability and responsibility
  • Predictable monthly fees for services, no hourly rates
  • Guaranteed up times and response times
  • Excellent Service Level Agreements

Small to mid sized organizations with multiple locations must effectively and reliably connect each one by implementing and managing a Wide Area Network (WAN). WAN management is critical for day-to-day operations. If the network goes down, productivity is lost. Successful WAN management involves:

  • Maximizing reliability and up time by selecting the proper connectivity, bandwidth, Internet access and appropriate back up lines for each location.
  • Protecting the network, data and applications from potential viruses and intrusions by choosing the right hardware, software and configuration
  • Demanding and enforcing Service Level Agreements with connectivity providers.
  • Monitoring each location around the clock so you know how the network is functioning
  • Resolving issues quickly by immediately contacting connectivity vendors when problems arise and working with them to get quick resolution. Escalating connectivity issues when necessary.
  • Managing issues that arise with speed and efficiency by monitoring key devices 24x7x365 so that you know instantly when issues arise
  • Responding quickly to diagnose and resolve issues. Following through by taking measures to minimize similar issues in the future.

Most small to mid sized organizations donít have the resources to hire a full time Network Administrator and IT Staff with the experience, expertise and time necessary to manage a WAN successfully. SimplyCentral provides all the services that a qualified, experienced IT Department would provide at a fraction of the cost for a fixed, predictable monthly fee. We have the capacity to set up your WAN and proactively manage it with around the clock vigilance to ensure up time, security and reliability.

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